Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dike Removal on the Skokomish Estuary

The Olympian reports on an interesting project on the Skokomish River, where it flows into the beautiful fjord known as the Hood Canal.

"A 5,000-foot-long, earthen seawall that created part of the Nalley Farm in the 1940s will be dismantled by heavy machinery this week, marking a milestone in Skokomish River estuary restoration efforts by the Skokomish Tribe, Tacoma Power and Mason Conservation District.

The $1.6 million project just west of the river mouth within the Skokomish Tribe’s reservation boundary is the largest estuary restoration project in Hood Canal and could pay dividends on several environmental fronts, noted Keith Dublanica, senior lands planner for the tribe."

The Pacific Northwest Salmon Center, together with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, is planning a similar project on the Union River estuary in Belfair, at the head of Hood Canal.